Note the Magic Mirror now uses the Seeed Grove 4-pin connector format


This board is inside the case of the Magic Mirror Sensor Hub

[A] Sensor Pinout Cheat Sheet
[B] Plug and Play Alcohol Sensor
[C] Plug and Play Breathalyzer Switch
[D] Screw Terminal Sensor Connections
[E] CAT5E Cable Sensor Connections
[F] Onboard Pot – Changes the Character
[G] Proximity Sensor
[H] Plug and Play Switch or Touch Sensor – Weather Forecast (4 Pin Grove Connector Type)
[I]  Plug and Play Switch or Touch Sensor – Stock Performance (4 Pin Grove Connector Type)
[J] Plug and Play Switch or Touch Sensor – X10 On/Off Control (4 Pin Grove Connector Type)
[K] +5V and GND Out – Power for Sensors wired to Screw Terminals and/or CAT5E Cables
[L] Connect Optional X-10 CM17A Here
[M] External Pot – Changes the Character
[N] Switches from the Internal Pot or External Pot

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