Magic Mirror Display Installation

How to install the Magic Mirror display, Running Time: 56s


In Wall Touch Sensor Installation

How to hide the Phidgets 1110 Touch Sensors in the walls, Running Time: 4:04 min


Initial Setup on Windows

How to initially setup the Magic Mirror on Windows. Watch this if you're having problems getting the Magic Mirror up and running (best viewed in full screen mode), Running Time: 3:46 min


Magic Mirror Software Setup

An explanation of the settings and options of the Magic Mirror software using the Advanced Configuration Program v4, Running Time: 7:35 min


New Features in Version 5

Explains the new features in Version 5: Tweets your Breathalyzer results, custom audio mode with user supplied MP3s, webcam with facial recognition, stand alone mode without the sensor hub, custom video over-rides for the touch sensor inputs, Running Time: 7:33 min


How to Connect the Sensors (HD)

A video tutorial on how to connect the sensors to the Magic Mirror Board Running Time: 4:17 min


Changing the Magic Mirror Character Size

A video tutorial on how to change the size of the Magic Mirror characters. Running Time: 1:57 min


Character Select Dial Installation

How to do an in wall installation of the character select potentiometer, Running Time: 1:19 min


Proximity Sensor Installation

How to install the proximity sensor in the wall and what the proximity LED does, Running Time: 31s


Reed Magnetic Switch Installation

How to use a magnetic Reed switch which is used to trigger the Picasa Picture Frame mode in this example, Running Time: 56s


Fake Fire Installation

The fake fire option, Running Time: 29s




Hiding the Computer

One way to hide the computer, Running Time: 29s



The Magic Mirror kit can be purchased from Seeedstudio. If you already have an Arduino and can build the circuit yourself, you can also purchase just the software.

Software Only
A software registration key will be e-mailed to you after your Paypal payment has been received.

The DIY Magic Mirror hardware and software is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.


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