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The sensors below are not included with the base kit and are purchased separately from Seeedstudio. The Touch Sensor can simply be plugged into the Magic Mirror Sensor Hub and requires no soldering. Note the Maxbotix proximity sensor is not available from Seeedstudio and does require some minor soldering.

When ordering the sensors, be sure and also order the cables as they are not included with the sensors. Note the cables come in different lenghts, choose the cable length best for your installation.

* Some soldering is required for the Maxbotix LV EZ-1 Proximity Sensor as in this diagram, solder points close-up

For those with some basic electronics knowledge, you can also use other types of momentary switches (ex. arcade style buttons). Open the case and then wire the switches directly to the terminal block inside or use the CAT5 wiring option. Full instructions in the manual on how to use other switches.


The Magic Mirror kit also doubles as a PC based Breathalyzer and a Photobooth.


Magic Mirror Sensor Hub


The Kit Includes:

  • Assembled Magic Mirror Sensor Hub with Case
  • Magic Mirror Software Registration Code
  • Mini USB Cable
  • Mounted Alcohol Sensor and Push Button for the Magic Mirror Talking Breathalyzer Feature
  • Case Mounted Toggle Switch for Switching between Magic Mirror and Photobooth Modes
  • Case Mounted Potentiometer Knob for Changing the Magic Mirror Character

The Kit Does Not Include:


Magic Mirror Sensor Hub Overview

Magic Mirror Software Setup Video Tutorial (7:35 min)

Magic Mirror Sensor Hub Connections

Wiring diagram if using the CAT5 wiring option, includes also how to solder connections to the back of the Proximity sensor

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The Magic Mirror kit can be purchased from Seeedstudio. If you already have an Arduino and can build the circuit yourself, you can also purchase just the software.

Software Only
A software registration key will be e-mailed to you after your Paypal payment has been received.
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